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Gumtree: Your London Internet Friend

If you’ve needed to sell something, wanted to buy something cheap, need a flatmate, have looked for a flat to share or rent, wanted to hookup/make friends, find free stuff, get rid of that old coat rack/lamp/dress, and/or spend an interesting hour being amazing at what people put online and you haven’t been to yet, we are shocked. Yes, craigslist exists for London, but gumtree is by far the more used site in London. Roughly similar, gumtree still has a flavor all of its own, and it’s always interesting.

For example, we’ve been looking for a new flatmate, and gumtree has been a great source of potentials so far. ( is also good for finding flatshares, in case you are interested). But what really sparked this post was an experience A and I just had. A won a new ipod nano from a Guardian web survey (I know! People actually win these things!) and since she already has a 30g ipod she likes, she decided to try and sell it. Went to ebay first of course, since that’s a natural first thought when looking to sell something, but of course they want you to set up a huge account and paypal and then they take a cut of each sale. Then we realised, oh right, we live in a huge city it’s easy to sell something and then actually meet up with a person to exchange goods and cash, or goods and goods. So A put up an ad on gumtree last night, and within a few hours had found a buyer at a good price. They arranged to meet today at Warren Street station, but the email was kind of sketchy – the person’s email included the word ‘gang’ and had never mentioned his/her name – so A was like, C, please come with me so I don’t get mugged/serial killer murdered/scammed etc at 5pm in broad daylight in Zone 1. So I put on my most menacing pose (ooh yeah, I am definitely scary AND I went to the gym this morning and ran all of 6 minutes on the cross trainer before I had to get off because I was dying! Yeah! Watch out!) We bused it to Warren Street and then…A texted, I began scanning the scene all CIA like, looking out for any trouble (back up off! I will take you down!) when the person called her and then we spotted him – and his friend! We both brought friends for protection! So we met up and the guy was like, uh let’s just go down this side street a little bit and we all four walked together, all totally scared and nervous – it was so adorable, seriously – then A hands over the ipod, guy hands to his friend, friend checks it out, gives the okay sign, guy hands A money, she and I count it together, give each other the nod, and then we say okay, thanks, separate, and then A and I burst out laughing. SO amazing.

p.s. the ‘free’ section is endlessly fascinating, and you might find something as long as you’re willing to travel a bit (sometimes) to go get it. Hint: if you’re looking for something, set up an RSS feed search. It’s easy – just search (I was looking for luggage this summer to move all my stuff in, so I just searched luggage) then RSS that search – it constantly updates so as soon as anyone adds anything that fits it, like ‘luggage’, it will come up. Enormously useful – this can be done for stuff for sale on gumtree as well.

Happy selling/buying/exchanging!


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