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Oh If I was a Music Photographer, I would be Lawrence Watson

This past weekend I went to a free exhibit I saw publicised in TFL’s the Loop newsletter which gives things to do in London while updating you on all the many many tube closures for the weekend.  The gallery, located in Shoreditch on 28 Redchurch Street, showcased the work of Lawrence Watson.  I say his name like everyone should know who he is but truthfully I never know the name before I stepped into the gallery space and became instantly jealous of this photographer’s career.  You have probably encountered his work since he has taken some of the most iconic photos of British rock and NY Hip-hop.  One of my favourites  is of one of the Gallagher brothers playing their guitar in the Abbey Road Studios and the shot is framed through out of focused headphones but there are portraits of Beck, David Bowie, the Jam and more.  My favourite out of the entire exhibit and which was already sold as well (not that I would have been able to afford it) was this silhouette of Paul Weller playing the guitar with a little bit of outdoor light coming through the window which was used for his Wild Wood album.  

WildWoodDeluxeHowever, my favourite part of the gallery which just happened out of pure luck and timing was that I showed up the morning after the big opening party and they were still cleaning up after the night before.  They guys there let me in anyways to wander around (never have I had the chance to be in a gallery with no one around) and even better they still had some warm beer left over.  So Cheers to that!  Definitely check this out if you’re into music or photography at all.  If only I could be Lawrence Watson…oh how I wish.

Gallery details:

The World is Yours Exhibition

30 May-7 June 2009

London NewCastle Project Space

28 Redchurch Street

London E2 7DP

Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm

Go before it closes!!!!

More from Lawrence Watson:



London iPod Playlist

So there are hundreds, thousands even, songs about London and places in London, but have you ever actually been to all or any of the spots mentioned?  Well, here is a short guide to get your groove on in those classic music references.  Lyrics that are bold are the places you should go…and extra points for visiting while listening to the songs.  I may even get fancy one day and highlight the songs just about the london underground…that could be epic.  Anyways, here you go to get you started on your musical tour:

Song:  Werewolves of London, by Warren Zevon

“I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand

Walking through the streets of Soho in the rain

He was looking for the place called Lee Ho Fook’s”

So everyone knows about Soho–go to Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square tube station and follow the crowd of people.  However, very few people know about the chinese restaurant in Chinatown mentioned in the song.  Le Ho Fook’s did exist and I still hear the rumor that there is a picture of Warren Zevon on the wall–please someone confirm this!  Lee Ho Fook’s is now called Golden Harvest and located on 15-16 Gerrard Street, Mayfair, London, W1D 6JE.

Song:  Waterloo Sunset, The Kinks

“Terry meets Julie

Waterloo Station”

Fairly obvious but Waterloo Station, Waterloo Underground and to watch the sunset go to Waterloo Bridge.  It is paradise!

Song:  London Still,  The Waifs

“I took the tube over to  Camden

Take the Northern Line to Camden Town then wander about through the markets.  Also, see our post, Camden Insider.

Song:  Cemeteries of London, Coldplay

*There is no specific place referred to in this song but London does have its fair share of really cool cemeteries.  Our picks:  Highgate Cemetery, Nunhead Cemetery, Postman’s Park, Hyde Park Dog’s Cemetery and Bunhill Fields Cemetery.  For more cemeteries click here or here.

Song:  Chelsea Walk, Ocean Colour Scene

“I went down to Chelsea Walk…”

The Chelsea Walk is 1.6 miles starting in the King’s Road and along the river.  For a map of the walk, go here.

Song:  For Tomorrow, Blur

“then Susan comes into the room, she’s a naughty girl with a lovely smile, says, “Let’s take a drive to Primrose Hill, it’s windy there and the view is so nice.”

Take the Norther line to Chalk Farm, walk cross the bridge and follow Regent’s Park Road to the park, then climb the hill to get those great views of central London.  On nice days like today though, it will be very crowded.  It is also a great spot to people watch and laugh at the kids rolling down the massive hill with dogs running about.  Oh and the be sure to check out the Blur video because Primrose Hill is featured about half way in and the video starts on a routemaster and Trafalgar Square.


View from Primrose HIll

View from Primrose HIll



Song:  London, The Smiths


Heave on-to Euston”

Here is another underground/train themed song:  Euston Station is on the Northern, Victoria and Overground lines. Euston Square Station is on the Hammersmith and City, Circle and Metropolitan line.  I would highly discourage any of the later routes because they never seem to be working when you want them to be.

Song:  London Bridge, Fergie

“How come everything you come around

My london bridge wanna go down”

Yeah so not so much about London or the bridges but anyways I just had to point out the obvious when Fergie dances by Tower Bridge but sings about London Bridge.  See differences below:


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge


London Bridge

London Bridge

Song:  London School of Economics, Acid House Kings

“Don’t forget that summer dress

You know, the one you work

When you returned from 

London School of Economics

Yep, this is just a pure shout out to C and I’s post grad uni in Holborn.  You can find the campus enclosed from Lincoln Inn Fields to the north, the Kingsway to the West, Fleet street to the  South and the Royal Courts of Justice to the East.  






Song:  Mayfair, Nick Drake

Mayfair strange in the morning light

Mayfair strange in the summer night

Mayfair strangest in the afternoon

Mayfair stretching far above

full of fame but lacking love

Could it be we see the Mayfair moon?”

Mayfair is the very posh and privileged bit of London enclosed by Hyde Park to the West, Piccadilly to the South, Oxford Street to the North and Soho to the East.  Wander through it sometime and you’ll find amazing flats, tucked away cafes, boutique hotels and shops and even a bentley car dealership.  Also, it is the most expensive property on the British Monopoly board.

Song:  Portobello Road

“Portobello Road, Portobello Road

Street where the riches of ages are stowed”

Everyone remembers this classic disney song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks with David Tomlinson as the ever magical and musical Professor Emelius Browne.  Classic market road in Notting Hill with the iconic colorful townhouses and find anything antiques.  Be sure to check out Hummingbird cupcakes and find the blue (now black ) door to Hugh Grant’s flat from the movie Notting Hill.

portobello road

Portobello Road Houses


Song:  Warwick Avenue, Duffy

“When I get to Warwick Avenue

Meet me by the entrance of the tube”

Warwick Avenue is in Maida Vale by Little Venice and the canals on the Bakerloo Line.  Great for a Sunday stroll.  For our post about Little Venice, read here.


Well, that’s a good start to your first installment of the London Ipod Playlist.  For the next round, I might add in iconic music locations and maybe a few more about the London underground.  

Even though this is just a taste of the many songs about London, did I miss any of your favourites that I should include next time?  Let me know.

A Challenge to Ourselves

Following our last post about how much we’ve been slacking in the blog department, I pose a challenge to C and myself.  We will post one blog entry a day for the next two weeks–that’s right 14 new posts starting from tomorrow 31 May to 13 June.  In an ideal world/my fantasy world of having abundant amount of time I would like to post everyday, let’s be realistic shall we, that isn’t going to happen and I know I will be on holiday starting 10 June for 2 and 1/2 weeks so I doubt I will update much during that time too.  But Challenge On!  Hopefully this will make up for the lack of posts in May (I know the last actually one was on 3 May).  Bad sunshine…bad.  Post 1 of Challenge–see you tomorrow!


A & C

A’s Favourite London Getaway–Isle of Wight

In this blog we try to capture all the great things London has to offer; however, as many British people will tell you London is not the whole of England (with well deserved emphasis!).  Both C and I try to get out and see what else England has to offer when we get the chance, hop on a train (in my instance usually very last minute planning as well) and head in any direction.  Between the two of us we have seen a respectable amount of ‘outside London England’ and to capture this I’m going to highlight my favourite little getaway:  The Isle of Wight.



(Also look for our future blog post on Cambridge vs. Oxford in the near or possibly distant future)

From London it is fairly easy to get to either Southampton or Portsmouth.  Your destination really depends on what part of the Isle you wish to end up at with the ferry.  Yes, ferries are involved–one of my favourite forms of transportation (I’ll even take the long car ferry when I’m a foot passenger just to be on the boat longer).  Portsmouth takes you to the main city Ryde while Southampton will take you to Cowes–The Yachting Centre of the World (or so says the sign in Cowes–I like to believe it though).

Cowes Ferry

Cowes Ferry

Ryde looks very much like Brighton with its town spreading up the surface of a hill with the gorgeous white buildings making the town look very coastal, just as it should be.  There is a beach and plenty of restaurants and shops to keep you entertained for an afternoon or an evening.  Also, many of the Isle’s buses go through Ryde making it an easy starting point to get to the rest of the Isle.

High Street

High Street



Cowes, as I mentioned before is a Yacht haven.  If you are at all familiar with coastal New England you will find many similarities that you will enjoy.  Everything in this small town with an easily walkable high street is nautical themed.  Almost every clothing shop is nautical-based and you will find all your popular sailing outfitters like Henri Lloyd, Gill, Mausto (there even use to be a Helly Hansen but I either can’t find it anymore or it has closed).  Also lining the street are cafes, restaurants and pubs where you’ll see signs offering crew packed lunches (C didn’t understand this, so for non-sailors, this means a packed lunch for a sailing crew when they go out all day. Sort of like picnic. For sailors. Less fancy).  The best part about Cowes is that you can wander into the yacht yards and look at all the boats on dry dock (again, for the sailing-stupid as A shakes her head as if this is common knowledge, this means boats not in water but propped up on land so you can walk among them). You can also get great views of water from these yards.  If you really want to see some boat racing I would recommend going for Cowes Week which this year takes place 1-8 August.   I’ve never been but I’m hoping this year I’ll head down to check out the activities.  I can only imagine how crazy Cowes will be during this event.  From Cowes you can also walk along the esplanade and the beach.  If you wanted to you can just keep on walking around the Isle.  Check out this site for walking tips.

Boat in Dry Dock

Boat in Dry Dock


Boat from the Ferry

Boat from the Ferry


My other favourite part about the Isle of Wight is the Needles.  The Needles are this rock formation of the point heading west into the channel.  It is a very picturesque and you can either take the bus to the top of the cliffs or take a chair lift down to the beach.  I did the bus route and you can get a great side view from above (see photo).  However, there should also be boat tours as well that will take you around the sights.

The Needles

The Needles

There are plenty of other things to do on the Isle and many little towns spreading across its length.  Check out the Isle of Wight’s tourism page to see what you can do.  If you are also into music go to the Isle of Wight festival.  This was made famous back in 1969  when Bob Dylan played with backing from the Band.  People just camp out on the Isle like ever other festival in England.

Don’t miss the Osbourne House, an English Heritage site near East Cowes that was essentially Queen Victoria’s posh getaway by the sea.


Osbourne House

Osbourne House




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The Boss in Hyde Park

If you haven’t heard The Boss (aka Bruce Springsteen) will be playing not only Glastonbury this year but also headlining the Hyde Park Festival–Hard Rock Calling Festival on 28 June.  The Boss will be supported by another great American live band–Dave Matthews Band.  You can get tickets on presale starting tomorrow 12 Feb  if you are already registered on Live Nation.  Get ready for some Glory Days!!!!!!!  I’m buying my ticket tomorrow.  Check out Glastonbury here, the Hard Rock Calling Festival in Hyde Park here, the Boss here and finally Dave Matthews here.  Tickets are only 45 pounds—unfortunately though Glastonbury already sold out.  In the meantime enjoy this youtube video of Bruce and the E Street band as The Boss slides crotch first into the camera at the Superbowl.  For full videos of the half time show click here and here.

I’m hoping for the live version of Atlantic City!

The Boss

Hard Rock Calling

Black Cab Sessions


So, if you enjoy raw and live music from up and coming artists along with streets scenes from London then check out this website. It’s the black cab sessions. These guys film artists singing a song a two in the back of a black cab as they drive around London town. The best part is to find places and streets you’ve walked down. It couldn’t get much better unless they manage to fit a band in a red telephone booth. Also, check out the video of the British band the Kooks since they drive through Angel and Islington and almost drive pass our flat! If Black Cab Sessions tickle your fancy, then also check out Blogotheque. It is the same idea of recording live music from bands in what they call take away shows; however, these are not specifically based in London but more in flats and streets in Paris and Los Angeles—still great none-the-less. The Beirut take away show is a classic and you can see the Kooks as well.

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