See Stonehenge the right way: up close and personal in a druid party

If you’ve been to Stonehenge already, you’ll know it pretty much completely underwhelms expectations. We’ll all seen the glorious pictures, the video from helicopters of the stones standing out starkly against the landscape, unearthly and mysterious. Then you get there and it’s a giant car park, a depressing visitor centre, and then the stones very much roped off. You can walk around them at some distance, which is mildly cool, but that’s about it.

Then, there is this completely other thing that happens during the summer solstice, in June. Suddenly, the Stonehenge owners (I think it’s English Heritage) for night only open up the stones for free and a peaceful party, complete with druids, occurs all night until the sun rises. You literally are amongst the stones, can touch them and appreciate the whole mystical nature of them. This year, I’m going to risk the weirdness and check it out – I’m sure it’s going to be pretty unforgettable. It’s all going down next Saturday night (June 20) to Sunday morning (June 21). See this link for more details, including the mild respectful rules about the stones and the night.The car park opens around 7pm and closes around noon the next day, with sunrise at 4:45am.

As public transport out to Stonehenge is unfortunately pretty challenging (buses schedule from Salisbury is appalling), I recommend you find someone with a car or rent one, as I’m going to do. Round trip cost for two people to rent car plus petrol is around 50 pounds – split both ways that’s 25 pounds, which is probably cheaper in the end then a train ticket. See you there! Don’t forget your pagan goddess fancy dress outfit!

From the festival website

From the festival website


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