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A Challenge to Ourselves

Following our last post about how much we’ve been slacking in the blog department, I pose a challenge to C and myself.  We will post one blog entry a day for the next two weeks–that’s right 14 new posts starting from tomorrow 31 May to 13 June.  In an ideal world/my fantasy world of having abundant amount of time I would like to post everyday, let’s be realistic shall we, that isn’t going to happen and I know I will be on holiday starting 10 June for 2 and 1/2 weeks so I doubt I will update much during that time too.  But Challenge On!  Hopefully this will make up for the lack of posts in May (I know the last actually one was on 3 May).  Bad sunshine…bad.  Post 1 of Challenge–see you tomorrow!


A & C


We’re still here!

So I think all this sunshine and great weather we have been having lately in London has made C and I a bit distracted from blogging about London and rather actually doing things outside in London again. Sorry about that but who can blame us–we were here last year for the crap summer we had so we know a good thing when it comes our way. We actually have quite a lot to post about and we promise we will get a few new posts up about all the crazy and amazing things we have been doing lately and that you should check out as well. Thanks for sticking with us and enjoy the sun! I know I’ll be at a park tomorrow… probably on my laptop typing!

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