Mucho Mas (oops, Chilango)

Mucho Mas (oops, Chilango)

Do you miss burritos like nobody’s business?  Do you often wish there was a place you could get a cheap burrito quickly made from fresh and well-spiced ingredients?  Do you crave Chipotle or Moe’s like crack?  Well, look no further come to Chilango’s on Upper Street in Angel.  We fondly and will always call this burrito joint Mucho Mas, which it was called from up till last week when they reopended with new decorations and a new name Chilango. We’re not gonna lie, one of the major factors that influenced where our current flat is was that Mucho Mas would be just down the street. True to form, we all go 2 – 3 times a week.

Why? The burritos are amazing.  You have a choice of steak, chicken, pork (carnitas) and veggie (which includes free guac!!!) all wrapped up in a warm large tortilla with black or pinto beans, choice of mild (C’s preference), medium (A’s preference), or hot salsa (very daring) with the usual fixin’s.  Best part it is all under six pounds and they have free water pitchers to quench the spiciness if you can’t handle it.  Don’t be afraid though, the mild is not spicy at all and the meat is pitch perfect in seasoning.  We even have a favorite corner which we like to think is reserved for only us, loyal Mucho Mas customers—the round table in the back of the upper floor.  (Unfortunately, this has now been replaced with rectangle tables—but we’ll still claim the back).

A final note, don’t go to Tortilla. It is a cheap and horrible rip off of Mexican burritos.  Everything there just can’t compare to Mucho Mas (Chilango)’s quality, taste and atmosphere.  DON’T GO!!


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  1. 1 Eric April 23, 2009 at 12:11 am

    wow…thanks for the compliments… drop me a line…would love to meet some super fans…

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