Quick hit: walking site for London

The best way to see, experience, and ‘get’ London is to walk this city – as far and to as many random corners as you can. Also, if you haven’t noticed from today’s snowfall, the minute there is any problem London’s transport network gets pretty snarled up – and things are a lot closer than they may appear on the map. Chances are, if you’re in study-abroad accommodation, you’re in a pretty central location anyway – try walking to get anywhere. It’s often faster, cheaper, and a hell of a lot more fun that rocking along in a tube carriage for an hour, seeing nothing but a strange guy across from you who hasn’t showered in a few days or that annoying couple making-out or reading the London Paper/Metro over someone’s shoulder.

And the best way to figure out how to walk somewhere, besides peering at your London A – Z, is walkit. I’ve found this site a tad touchy, but it’s still pretty awesome – stick to as simple addresses as you can when typing in your ‘to’ and ‘from’ – full postcodes definitely work the best. And always select ‘less busy’!

www.walkit.com if the above link doesn’t work.

Happy walking! Trust me, even in February it’s totally worth it. Perhaps not in the sleet forcasted for Thursday and Friday this week, but most other times, go for it.


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